About Us

Chocolate Hazelnut Delicacy

My delicious healthy chocolate hazelnut spread comes from great ingredients! It's the best chocolate hazelnut spread that you have ever tasted...a true chocolate hazelnut delicacy!

An Elegance of Taste

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread is founded on my love of quality ingredients and a strong passion for food that looks good and tastes delicious! Utilizing  my experience in food, I have curated a delicious and healthy treat for you, my customer(s). An elegance of taste!

At Carolyn’s Cakery, we believe that a cake should look beautiful to the eyes in it’s most simplistic elegant form, and captivate your palate with a delicious and tantalizing tender crumb!

We don’t use fondant, only buttercream.  Swiss  Meringue  Buttercream,  DTC Buttercream  (French  Meringue),  American Buttercream. Additionally, no traditional food coloring is used, only plant based. 

Please  Note: we  do  not  make any theme inspired cakes!

Mission of Caring

When you shop with us, you are supporting a company that cares about its customers.  Healthy eating is paramount to us whether savory or sweet! 

Why did I start this company? A friend was consistently eating the familiar brand of  chocolate  hazelnut  spread. I knew the fanfare behind it, but had never personally eaten it.  After reading the ingredient label, I knew that I couldn’t eat it and didn’t want her eating it anymore. So I began a quest to make the most healthiest chocolate hazelnut spread I could. Then I discovered that my older grandchildren loved it and  they  were  eating  that  brand  too!  I knew I had to be successful in making the best chocolate hazelnut spread you have ever tasted...voila, mission accomplished. 

As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Holistic Chef,  Master Raw  Food Chef,  Author, Christian, Mother, Grandmother. I have learned over the years that what we put into our bodies will manifest good or bad health. My chocolate hazelnut spread is clean, healthy, and delicious! Your health is your most valuable asset! I will never compromise your health for taste or sales! This is our mission of caring!