Welcome to Carolyn’s Cakery!

There's so  much to see here. So, take your time, look around, click  on  each  cake  for  a  description and explore  the beauty  of  these  made  from scratch cakes!

Carolyn’s Cakery does not use traditional food colorings, we use plant-based food colorings only.


Cake Ordering

All cakes  are  made  from  scratch  and  by  order only.  

Please  allow  3  days  for  pick up or delivery  of  your  order  since  cakes  are  not  baked  until  your  order  is  received  and  paid.  

Beautiful Cakes & Buttercream

At Carolyn’s Cakery, we believe that a cake should look beautiful to the eyes in it’s most simplistic elegant form, and captivate your palate with a delicious and tantalizing tender crumb!

We don’t use fondant, only buttercream.  Swiss  Meringue  Buttercream,  DTC Buttercream  (French  Meringue),  American Buttercream.

Please  Note: we  do  not  make any theme inspired cakes!